Can You Take Your Own Advice?

So in the midst of what feels like the WORST month of my life, I kissed February good bye, only to see March come with serious March Madness! Emotions, job hunt rejections, finances, home renovations, EVERYTHING just hit the fan and hit hard. After I emerged from my self inflicted ‘funk’ I had to ask myself, ‘What Would You Say To Others?’ Now this made me pause, for the cause… Could I take my own advice?

The Doctor Is IN - Lucy

#1 Be impeccable for your 50% – In most cases you only control ABOUT 50% of what happens around you. This means you HAVE to be impeccable, incredible, and the absolute best, at the 50% you DO control!

#2 Job hunt rejections should not be taken personally – If you didn’t get the job, it wasn’t meant for you to have. Even if you’ve submitted more than 150 job applications! You will eventually come to the job that you were meant for. Don’t settle for less!

#3 If you’re having a pity party, make it a good one – Having a proper pity party is as important to your mental health as having on a proper hat at a royal wedding! Plan it, own it, execute and enjoy it. And when its over, get on with life!

#4 Remember where your anchors are – Whether you’re religious, spiritual, atheistic or agnostic, know when to turn to your anchored source for support. Stay in that place as long as needed.

#5 Let the tears flow as needed – Tears and the act of crying are as cleansing as they are visibly moving. Whether male or female, the act of crying is like letting the air out of a balloon. Now the balloon begs to be refilled. After crying you can go back to your life, energized,  and ready to face the challenges ahead.

So, I’ll take my own advice. I will focus only on what I CAN control, and I’ll be the best at it. Regardless of the time wasted, and the number of resumes submitted, I cannot let job rejection be a reflection upon me personally. I had my pity party and it was a good one! I even made myself a necklace and bracelet with an anchor and cross charms to remind myself to remain anchored to God during this storm. Then I finally had the crying breakdown and it felt good.

Anchor & Cross

Now I’m ready to keep going…

One thought on “Can You Take Your Own Advice?

  1. You are the bomb!!! A nurse I used to work with back in KY has a 17 year old daughter who has just been diagnosed with MS and I’m sending her your book (I have one coming to me as well) and I’ve turned her onto your blog. I can’t tell you how proud I am of you!!!❤️❤️❤️




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