What is really means to THRIVE in DENIAL…

I know its been a while since I’ve taken the time to write and share my thoughts. I hope you can appreciate the fact that I’ve been living MY life MY way – which often means I don’t give much thought to MS. But here I am again…

These days I spend 3 days a week at dragon boat paddling practice on the Willamette River here in Portland, OR. Each workout is pretty intense. I’ve been tracking them… 65-75 minutes on the water, 450 – 750 calories burned as we executed various ‘sprint paddle’ workouts down the Willamette usually about 1 mile to 1.5 miles down. Rain or shine, warm or cold. I LOVE IT! And of course in between, we keep our little guy coming and going to lacrosse practices 3 days a week and games on the weekends. Enough said! LOL

So I recently had the privilege and pleasure of meeting an INCREDIBLE woman. She’s pretty awesome because at just a couple of years older than me, she’s doing TRIATHLONS! And then I found out she too has been diagnosed with MS! You know I was dumbfounded…blown away…excited…and thrilled to be in her presence. Since then we’ve become fast friends and each time we get together, I’m encouraged by her THRIVING IN DENIAL. She just left for her 15 mile run so it gave me the perfect opportunity to pen this long over due blog post.

As we were chatting today on this Mother’s Day (HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY TO ALL!) I’d like to share a little of our conversation.

LISA – “…I don’t always think or even remember that I have MS. I put it in a box and      put the box away. There we were being interviewed at the IRON MAN Triathlon event. And even after we’d discussed what we’d say, he was talking about the fact that I had MS! I stepped off camera and was in tears because until he’d said it, I hadn’t given MS a single thought the entire time we were training for this event!”

NANCY – “…yes! its like you’ve compartmentalized it and put it away! THAT is the essence, the true definition of THRIVING IN DENIAL! Its not that you’re in denial of the fact that you’ve been diagnosed with the disease. Its simply the decision to ignore EVERYTHING else that goes with it! Yes, you know ANYTHING could happen at ANYTIME. But more importantly you’ve decide that YOUR life is more important than the diagnosis – then you move on with what has to be done!”

LISA – “…yes, yes! Just like you do with the paddling! That is so incredible that you’re competitive paddling!”

NANCY – “… YES! But you in triathlons! Really?! Denial in terms of how you choose to live, not the fact that it exists. You and the triathlons are your denial, like me and the paddling!”

This is the true definition of THRIVING IN DENIAL! So Lisa and I are combining our talents, athletic experiences, education and expertise to create the ultimate in health coaching services. Not just fLook for it soon!

Rare is the occasion that two people meet and realize that they together have something singularly unique to offer the world to make it a better place! I’m looking forward to this endeavor and where it will take us both.

MS can sometimes, be a blessing…





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