thriving in denial of what may come…

Life comes at you fast! Some of it is good and some of it is CRAPPY! The question is what will you do? My father says that life always comes fast and so long as you are breathing things will always change – and the alternative isn’t pretty. So I’ll take the changes! I’ve taken the sunshine, the rain and the fog of life and decided that I can control at least 50% of what happens to me. I’ll be impeccable for my 50% and simply recognize the 50% that I don’t control. But I will live MY life MY way. And you should live YOUR life YOUR way too.

You won’t read about my everyday life. I’m too busy living and thriving to share every detail. But when my spirit says to stop and share I will! Regardless of the topic, I’ll share what’s placed on my heart to share. I have been given a special gift, and the horrible disease I’ve been handed just gave me a larger platform to share the gift! Favor ain’t fair! Time, experience and wisdom has taught me that THRIVING IN DENIAL is applicable to so much more than just illnesses, bad days, and pity parties. THRIVING IN DENIAL is an effective tool for purposeful living through disease management, health/personal advocacy, work/career success, personal relationship success, and more!

Join the THRIVING IN DENIAL party! It’s about life with purposeful intent, regardless of what comes at you.


This purpose filled and successful path is NOT for the faint at heart! It takes guts, determination and relentless hard work. You may not be ready for it – and that’s okay.  But if you are ready, SET YOUR TABLE! My great grandmother once told me, when you ask God for food, set your table! Get ready to thrive against anything that stands in the way of living YOUR life YOUR way! Thriving In Denial….

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